simply pure

As time goes on it becomes even more important to look after your skin, and its very easy to loose yourself in the skincare aisles with so many products on the market with varying claims from making your skin flawless and hide wrinkles and fine lines. Im sure we all know how important it is to cleanse your face and remove all that make up, sweat and grime that’s built up trough out the day, however like many I was guilty of just using a face wipe and thinking that would do, however when I was still getting the odd breakout and my face just wasn’t feeling as clean as I knew it could be so I went in search of an actual cleanser.To be honest it can get quiet confusing, so I decided to keep things simple, and as I don’t have money to throw around I decided to hit the high street and found a couple of little gems in superdrug.  first up is a foaming cleanser


I use this in the shower as part of my daily routine, simply use a couple of pumps of the foam on my face and rinse off, simple and it doesn’t irriate my face or break me out, just my skin feeling clean.

The other product is also from superdrug and is there moisturiser


Its lovely, doesn’t have a fragrance which is nice, it absorbs well and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy like some moisturisers do. I apply this in the evening before going to bed and in the morning, bonus is this also has spf 15 in it.

Between these two products they have left my face feeling clean and baby soft, and I am defintly looking into trying other products from this range.

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