Hit and Miss

Hi everyone, sorry this going up a day late but as I’m currently on holiday and I’ve had to wait till I know what the Wi-Fi situation was and at the moment its pretty good, if you would like me to do a post on what I’ve taken within me on my holiday feel free to comment and let me know. anyway before I start rambling on with the post. now liquid eyeliner can give you the ability to do fine lines or thick lines or a dramatic cat eye or basically anything you imagination can come up with, I think as with any eyeliner it can be tricky to use and does take practice to use, but bare in mind this does give a more bold look than pencil and can show flaws but the overall look is worth it, personally I’m still practicing and improving, YouTube videos do help.

This one from MUA is as its called wet, but it does go on beautifully even for a novice like myself and has become a fast favourite. the thin nib allows me the precision I want, and it wears well, no fading or flaking like you can get with some. it’s also not a bad price only £2 from Superdrug


nyc liner
MUA liner
MUA liquid liner
MUA liquid liner
MUA liquid liner
MUA liquid liner
MUA liquid liner
NYC liner
NYC liner

The next one is from NYC and probably the only product from them I’ve not liked. and surprisingly I can no longer find it on superdrugs website. It cost me about £3. Unlike the previous one this one is more like and angled felt tip, however the nib was a bit strange with cut out bits not unlike a higher brand one which is supposed to make doing a classic cat eye easy but this dragged and scratched my eye lid and the finish wasn’t fantastic either. I was thoroughly disappointed with this product.

NYC liner
NYC liner

So there you have it my favourite liquid liner and my worse. what’s your favourite liner look?

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