start, countdown and ending

Hey guys, Its that time of the year and no I don’t just mean Christmas although I will get back to that later, its the start of winter, when the temperature gets even colder, the dreaded white stuff falls and there is nothing better than cuddling up with a hot drink and film. Apart from the snow I love winter, it brings a holiday I love, warm … Continue reading start, countdown and ending

Fresh Face

Hi guys, I would love to have been sitting at my new desk/vanity set up surrounded by makeup but alas that is not the case. I’m writing this in bed on my laptop feeling like ick. This time of year I love the leaves falling, wearing boots and snuggly jumpers, not to mention the Smokey eye looks and berry lips but the one downside comes in … Continue reading Fresh Face


Hi everyone, first I would like to apologise for being gone for so long, it was never my intention to stay away so long but it has been one thing after another. First I decided to enjoy the rest of my lovely holiday, after all its not everyday you get to enjoy Madrid, Barcelona and sitges all the space of a fortnight. Then when I got … Continue reading M I A