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Hi everyone, first I would like to apologise for being gone for so long, it was never my intention to stay away so long but it has been one thing after another. First I decided to enjoy the rest of my lovely holiday, after all its not everyday you get to enjoy Madrid, Barcelona and sitges all the space of a fortnight. Then when I got home it was time to go back to work, and my work load increased, throw in birthdays and general day to day life and I struggled to find time for myself with enough energy. But now my life has somewhat evened out I am back, and have several new products I’m currently trying out, from kiko, revolution and essence ( not new to the market but new to me).

I will also be venturing to ikea once again and investing in the popular Alex drawers and organising my ever growing makeup and nail polish collections. If would you like to see pictures or have a recommendations of products weather they be makeup, skin care or hair that you would like me to try, please comment.

What’s your one makeup item that you couldn’t live without?

2 thoughts on “M I A

  1. beautiful pictures!! the one makeup thing I probably couldn’t live without is mascara 😀
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


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