Blogmas day 1

Happy 1st of December guys, todays the day many children and adults alike open those little windows and enjoy and treat hidden behind weather it be a sweet treat or a beauty treat. I haven’t gotten an advent for myself this year but I have brought one for each of the big kids in my life ( my sister and her partner)

Todays also the day many put up the tree and decorations. personally I put our tree up on Sunday, I couldn’t wait any longer, I caved, the Christmas music went on, I had my hot drink and some mini sausage rolls and off I went but I am not completely happy with it, its in serious need of more decorations on it but I know its going to be a slow process building up my collection, I don’t like the idea of just putting any old decorations on my tree, I’m very particular about what goes on my tree.

however we have now created a tradition of myself, my brother and sister and my sisters partner all of whom I live with buy a new decoration every year.

I thrive to have my house decorated like my grandparents, I have so many memories of my granddad bringing down the tree and decorations from the attic, putting it up and decorating it, putting the fake snow around the fireplace all while my nana was in the kitchen baking mice pies and coconut tarts.

Over the next week I think the decorations for outside the house will appear, we have to keep up with the jones after all *laughs* nothing too much a few lights and a small Christmas tree by the front door.

I will leave you with a picture of my small tree that sits on my desk.




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