Blogmas Day 7

Hi guys, today turned into another wrapping presents and Christmas shopping day. I love to have a Christmas film playing in the background while I wrap or in this case it was mainly my sister wrapping, and todays choice was Santa Claus 2.

I have also been planning my Christmas baking which I am behind on compared to last year where I had it all done at this point. I have mince pies, jam tarts, sausage rolls, coconut tarts and sugar cookies planned. I highly doubt the results will last a week as usually not long after I have baked the results are eaten.

unfortunately my Christmas inspired nails have not held up to my harsh housework, but I’m using this as an excuse to paint them again not that I need one, and this time I’m thinking either an all out glittery look or a classic red and green maybe even nail art if I feel adventurous.

With just over two weeks until the big day, I want to know what gets you in the festive mood, its a film, a song, and activity, a tradition .

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