Blogmas day 8

Oh my god were a just over a week in to December already, where has the time gone, I hate to say it before we know it, its going to be that day.  Its a good job that I’m in a festive mood, I’ve been listening to Christmas music nearly all day, while I decorated my uncles Christmas tree, put up lights outside for him using gutter hooks, something I had never used before which were pretty simple to use, and an inflatable snowman.

Then when my work was all done and headed off to restock the baking cupboard, something we have sadly neglected in recent months due to commitments, and in typical British fashion after entering one shop, the heavens opened up. lucky for me there wasn’t much distance between the supermarket I was in and the next so I didn’t get too wet.


I’m now hoping I’m fully stocked and shouldn’t really need to buy anything more but I may buy some decorations for the gingerbread and cookies I have planned. anyways enough with the rambling I did bake mince pies using a pastry recipe I have never used, for the life of me I cant find the one I used to use. this one didn’t seem to bad, it says it makes 12 mince pies and it does as long as you don’t have the pastry too thick.

  • So here goes, pre heat the oven to about 180 degrees c


  • sift 170g plain flour into a bowl and add 100g of cold butter, mix with your fingers until you have a crumble like mixture.
  • stir in 1 tbsp. caster sugar and one large egg and mix quickly with a palette knife ( I used a silicon spatula) add 1 – 2 cold water, a little at a time mixing with a knife until its all drawn together in to a dough.
  • press into a ball and wrap in cling film and chill for at least 10 minutes ( I did 30)


  • In a small tart tin, grease the inside with a small amount of butter


  • Roll out on to a floured surface, if you don’t have a rolling pin you could always use a wine bottle or something similar.
  • Using either a cutter or even a glass would do to make 24 discs. I found cutting 12 out first then gathering the remaining dough and repeating the easiest way.
  • place a disc in each tart tin and fill with about a teaspoon of mincemeat. using your finger trace around the edge with either a beaten egg or milk and place the lids on top.
  • I like to use a pastry brush and glaze over the tops with milk to give a gloss finish.


  • bake at around 180 – 200 degrees c for about 25 minutes checking half way.

allow to cool slightly before eating, scolding hot mincemeat is not pleasant and no one likes a numb tongue .



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