Blogmas day 9

Hey guys, today has been a slightly less busy day, but I feel as though this is the calm before the storm and I can see my workload increasing. It was also the day to collect two parcels one from the post office and the other from a neighbour, which means new makeup so expect a post soon about what I purchased.

Anyways I thought I would spend the evening winding down and doing some more baking. I’m planning on baking every day for the next few days and this evening it was sausage rolls. I cant say this is a recipe more of an assemble and bake but the end results are still yummy.

Now I make my own short crust pastry but puff, I cheat and buy pre done.


All I had to do was unroll it out of the packet, I didn’t even have to use a rolling pin. I cut it in half and coated in whisked egg, the first half I tried something new, I cut into 8 pieces and take a smallish amount of sausage meat and roll into an a ball and place inside each pastry piece and fold over and seal it by pressing the ends together.




for the second half I did what I always do and place a long strip of the sausage meat across the pastry the fold over the top half, and seal. then I just cut them into individual rolls.


they were put on baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and I glazed them with the remaining whisked egg to them lovely glossy finish and baked them in the oven for 20 minutes at around 200 degrees c.


enjoy warm or cold.










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