Blogmas day 10

Hey guys, entering double digits now and only a fortnight until Christmas eve, and I have had yet another busy day buying Christmas cards, presents and trying to find the perfect Christmas candle. I’m currently burning my ikea and Primark candles which smell lovely and Christmassy ( don’t think that is even a real word ) but I want a big Christmas candle that doesn’t smell sickly sweet ( I hate fake vanilla smells) burns well and doesn’t cost the earth.

anyway as my last Christmas inspired nails chipped off, I removed the rest and repainted them a bright pink that has a subtle sparkle to it and its lasting so far, a little wear around the edges but that’s to be expected with me. it went on smooth, I do love the brushes in the Avon nail polishes, there not too big nor too small and the polish its self is opaque in two coats. the colour is called pink radiance .


sorry its a short post today but I feel drained, despite having a salted caramel latte earlier. How have you all been getting on with your festive preparations?

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