Blogmas day 12

Hey guys, I’m getting more in the festive spirit as the month goes on, I’m letting the busy shopping crowds be all but a small blip to me but I know to some it can very stressful, my tips to combat this are

  • Have a plan, weather it be what shops you need to go in or what your planning to buy
  • Take breaks, what better excuse to try the Christmas drinks that are on offer
  • Do some research on what you plan to buy, that way your not going around the shops like a headless chicken
  • Or do I like plan to do to take advantage of late night shopping and Internet shopping
  • Break your shopping into smaller shopping trips if you can

Getting back in to the festive mood I’ve been listening Christmas music and wrapping my dog’s Christmas presents, putting on the Christmas lights in my room, watching home alone and now elf. I’ve even made my bed more festive.

I’ve been trying to capture some of that magic from when I was a child and keep up with some of the traditions of my childhood, unfortunately I’m a little to old to sit and go through the Argos catalog and make my list for Santa or go and see Santa but there are others I can do like watching Christmas films while wrapping presents, Christmas baking, decorating the tree, and planning new traditions like going ice skating, taking the dog for a walk Christmas morning( something we did last year)  watching a Christmas film with hot chocolates Christmas Eve.

What are some of your traditions or traditions you would like to start and if you have any tips to making shopping as stress less as possible please share. feel free to comment, I love reading your comments a

2 thoughts on “Blogmas day 12

    1. I’ll admit this year there has been a few people I haven’t had a clue what to buy them so I’m currently browsing the net and going to the shops in the evening in the hopes of find something. I’ve got rough ideas but nothing exact


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