Blogmas day 13

Hi guys, today has been a pretty chilled out, starting with a lie in and then I went shopping with my brother on the hopes of getting some decorations for the tree. I had gone on b and m’s website last night to have a browse and my local store didn’t have the ones I wanted in stock 😦  The trip wasn’t a total waste as I managed to pick up a Christmas present for my brother who is Vegas and poker mad. ( I’ve lost count how many poker sets and packs of cards he has)

And I’ve spent the rest of the day catching up on housework and YouTube videos, nothing like vlogmas videos to get you in the spirit. I’ve also been doing a bit of browsing on the net for a personal planner, I’ve come to the realisation that I need something to organise my life into, from work, to appointments to blog posts. I’m naturally a creative person but I love organisation so I need something that’s going to combined both, I don’t like normal Filofaxes as I find them too rigid and expensive for what they are, so if anyone can recommend a site or an etsy seller that would be fantastic.

anyways on with the main part of this post, another nail look this time a deep purple with a sparkle running through it. I used a polish from a brand I’ve never used before kiko, the polish its self is very thick and is opaque in just one coat, so although I’m not keen on thick polishes this did go on quite smooth with the benefit of only needing one coat. its not as glossy finish as some of my others but it does still have a shine to it. the shade I used was pearly Indian violet. you can purchase kiko products from their website or if you are lucky enough like me have a kiko store in your city.  I have added a link to their website so you can check it out for yourselves.


kiko polish














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