Blogmas day 17

Day 17 in Santa’s grotto, his making a list, checking the stock, going to found whose got it at the best price.  sorry guys I couldn’t resist, I would like to say I’m in all full festive mood but I’m not quiet there yet, I have a very busy week ahead, cards to write and give out( relatives I see twice a year) , presents still to source, buy and wrap ( love people telling me last minute what they want), Christmas food shopping to order, Christmas baking list to write, which I will do tomorrow as hoping to spend all day Sunday baking and watching Christmas films, take the dog to the pet shop to buy her presents ( need to measure and try on harnesses and waterproof jacket, she’s a pampered girl), all this while working and doing the housework and blogging.

are you all ready for the big day or are you like me and still have plenty to makes me misses the Christmas’s of my past when I had none of this stress, just two weeks of staying with my grandparents, baking with my nana, helping wrap some presents, watching films with my uncle and then spending the big day with my family.

it would all start Christmas eve putting the mince pie and milk out for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph and then we would be in a rush to go to bed despite it being like 6pm, pretending to be asleep in the hopes of catching Santa filling up our stockings. waking up at 4am to empty our stockings and see what we got, always an orange, an apple, chocolate coins and some other goodies. my granddad would then come in and tell us to go back to sleep. come 7am when we thought we had slept enough we would go into my grandparents room and show them what Santa had left us before heading down to breakfast. we weren’t allowed to go see the presents until we had eaten and the adults were showered and dressed. then came present time, we all had a large sack each that would have our presents but they usually overflowed ( we were pretty lucky) and take it in turns opening them showing everyone what we got and from whom while my granddad filmed it ( thinks the video tapes are somewhere) then it would be time to get showered and dressed in our outfit we had gotten just for Christmas and then came the time to play with the presents while the dinner was being cooked and family would arrive. there could be anywhere up to 17 of us, so you can imagine how chaotic that could be, dinner was always filling but still made room for Christmas pudding which my granddad would put coins in for us after setting it alight, so that was something to look forward to, that was followed by coffee and after eights before everyone moved into the living room for the queens speech and present time for the adults and more time to play with presents before a buffet style tea would be served and more relatives came around. us kids would play a board game and the adults all caught up and had a drink.

my grandparents always made Christmas magical and as I’ve gotten older I’ve appreciated just how much hard work they put into it. I’ve got so many memories of Christmas from my granddad nearly setting fire to his hair, to me going flying over my uncle as I charged over him( I was about 8 and his about 6 foot something) its one of the main reasons I love Christmas so much, so many happy memories and not because of the presents but because of the people and time spent together.

what’s your favourite memory of Christmas?

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