Blogmas day 21

hey guys, sorry yet another post is late but I warned I would become busier and I’m defiantly looking forward to having a few days off and doing nothing.

As I’m getting busier the next few posts will be short ones I’m afraid, mainly just updates on what I’ve been up to. Monday was a regroup and plan day for our house, most of us had a slightly slower day in preparation of the mountain of things that need doing in the space of three days. not much else really to share apart from my final set of festive nails, well apart from the new years eve ones.

anyway I used Avon’s nail wear pro polishes, which apply smoothly but like all polishes thicken up and go gloopy over time. they are pretty chip resistant without a top coat, always a plus for me. they do require two coats in order to be opaque but give a lovely glossy finish. I went for the classic red and green. the green has a very subtle shimmer running through it and is called midnight green but I think its been discontinued. the red is called real red and you can still get this shade.



nail pro














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