Blogmas day 22

Hey guys, another busy day even if it didn’t go to plan. the original plan was to take my fur baby Bella to pets at home to pick out her presents and try on a new harness but unfortunately she took a small tumble before she even got there so instead she rested up at home with my brother and we ordered her things online. thank god for next day delivery.

with a plan in mind me and my sister tried to work our way through the last of the present list and tackle the very busy crowds, but once again luck wasn’t on our side and most things  were out of stock 😦 so home we went and I’ve spent the evening making a list of what’s still to be done and brought, no longer just buying our own gifts but also doing the running around for my grandparents. also been wrapping presents and trying to figure out if we have any more room under the tree.


enough about me I want to know more about you guys, what’s the number one present you want from Santa?

what’s the song that’s stuck in your head at the moment?

If you could have one Christmas wish what would it be?



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