Blogmas day 23 and 24

Hey guys sorry these are late, but I was busy in the run up to Christmas.

On the 23rd it was all about working and picking up the Christmas presents for my grandparents to give to my little cousin, hence a trip to build a bear ( I’ve lost track of total number I’ve made, I have 4 of my own 🙂  ) there was also the case of going to get the food shopping, which if any of you have been shopping this close to Christmas knows this means huge queue’s going well back in to isles from every checkout, which means your standing around for  at least half and hour before its your turn. for us this meant getting back really late and having pizza from asda’s deli counter while we wrapped presents.

on the 24th, I got given the day off which came in handy as I had my dads hospital appointment first thing in the morning before racing off and getting last minute presents, luckily we didn’t have many left to buy, raced back to my dads to wrap these last minute presents and get my dad packed ready for his stay with my grandparents. we then played Santa and dropped the presents off as well as picking ours up before heading home for a much needed chill out. meanwhile my brother was collecting my fur baby’s new bed ( its huge) and the turkey. after chilling out, I prepped the turkey for the morning and we sorted our presents into our sacks, and left some doggy milk and a doggy biscuit ready for Santa paws before heading to bed.

I was very spoilt this year and I’m a lucky girl. if you would like to see pictures of what I was given let me know but be warned there is a theme.


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