Happy new year and what I got for christmas

Hey guys, Happy new year. first post of the new year, eek excited.

I will start with what I got for Christmas as I was a very lucky girl and have been spoilt. there is a theme to my presents as I’m sure you will see.

first up are the three I was told to open Christmas eve. Three Disney Christmas decorations. Elsa from frozen, which has a button to make it sing, Bianca and Bernard from the rescuers and jack skeleton from nightmare before Christmas. three films I love.

Next there is my large winnie the pooh mug. this was a tradition with my siblings of them getting me a new winnie the pooh mug every Christmas.


A couple of notebooks, game of thrones and harry potter, eventually I will have the full set of each.


a lot of chocolate.


Pompeii dvd. I’m a sucker for kit Harrington.


Urban decay Smokey palette. I’ve had my eyes on this for a while so I was very glad I got this. I’ve used a couple of times so far and as I expected, the colour pigment pay off is great and so blend able.


a portable art set

Taylor swift wonderstruck perfume. this is one of my favourites, my sister brought me the larger bottle last year as I had nearly ran out and this year a work friend brought me some.

a suki tea pot and breakfast tea leaves. I fell in love with this pot after going to patisserie Valerie and thanks to the filter onside the pot I’m enjoying the taste of loose leaves instead of my usual tea bag.

a compact mirror. I’ve been complaining for a while that my last one broke.

a light up vanity mirror. this is going to make doing my makeup at my vanity so much easier.


a Pandora leather bracelet and three charms. words can not describe how much I love this.


and now the themed presents

Harry potter jumper


harry potter converse style pumps


harry potter colouring book


harry potter t-shirt


harry potter long sleeve top


harry potter pjs x 2 ( one pair not photographed I was wearing them )


harry potter travel mug


harry potter book of spells



Now that I’ve shared my lovely presents ill get on with second part of this post. Now many people will be making resolution’s this time of year, many of which will not be kept. myself have given up making resolution’s, I tend to break them or forget them. instead I have decided to set myself goals that I aim to achieve this year and to help me keep on track and get my self organised have ordered the Erin condren life planner. this way I can creatively keep myself organised especially when it comes to blog posts and get myself on target to achieve my goals, which I wont share all as some are personal, but some I may as I achieve them.

I hope you all had a happy new year 🙂

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