Revolution nail polish first impressions

Hey guys I’m back .

First off I would like to say sorry, I know its been a couple of weeks since I posted, I have been trying to work out a schedule that works for me and so far it looks like Saturdays are the best day. I have been busy trying to get my life organised and a few things booked as well as trying some new makeup which leads nicely on to the main part of this post. my first impressions on a nail polish from a brand whose polish I had never tried. I had ordered this when I did a bit of online shopping before Christmas but had not gotten around to using it till recently. First off I’m girl who likes her dark polishes and I have been in search of the perfect navy blue for years and sadly I have yet to find it but I thought I would give this one from revolution a try. as with other navy polishes I have tried it was very liquid almost like ink, it is very transparent and took 4  coats to make it opaque. it was a glossy finish and I thought great it looks nice but it didn’t even last 24 hours. saying it chipped would be a understatement and could have coped with that but no, every nail I had painted peeled off over the course of the day and was back to having naked nails. I am so disappointed in this product, yes it was only a £1 but I have had other cheap nail polishes that have been that price or lower and have lasted. I thought maybe it was just that one and needed to try others but sadly my local Superdrug doesn’t stock them so I will have to order online if I wish to try others. If I do decide to try any others I will post my review on them.  I will leave you with the image of the polish before they peeled off.
















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