Confetti nails

You know when you feel like doing something different with your nails, well last night that happened to me. instead of my usual one colour look, I thought I would do a rather simple nail look, that was both fun and spring like. There is a video on how I did this on my YouTube channel and I apologise now for the poor lighting but I was sat at my desk with only my lamp on. anyway I started with a couple of coats of a basic white, I used Barry m in matte white. I neatened the edges using a nail polish remover men from Avon. Then onto a piece of plastic I placed a couple of drops of the different colours I was using and used a nail art tool I picked up from Primark, I placed random dots of colour all over my nails and finished with a fine glitter topcoat. the baby pink I used was from Barry m but I don’t think its stocked anymore but I’m pretty sure there are similar out there,  the baby blue is from nyc in the shade raindrop, the green is also from nyc in the shade blue sky, the orange is another from nyc in the shade summer in nyc and finally the yellow is from Avon in a pale yellow shade you can no longer buy  and the top coat is from nyc in a peachy shade which I don’t think you can buy anymore. all the links are below.


orange polish

green polish

baby blue polish

white polish





















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