Mermaid nails


I’ve noticed a majority of my posts have been nail posts which wasn’t intentional but ill go with it. I love painting my nails and experimenting with different looks and sharing my opinions about them in the hopes it may inspire or help others and even help myself in the form of comments and tips. My nails may not be perfectly manicured, but I do the best I can with what I have and my hands go through quite a bit of abuse on a daily bases. (downsides of housework) anyways I tried something new including trying a new product, I’ve never really used a nail pen before and so I thought I would try the one from Barry m after seeing it in boots. My overall opinion of it, is its great, granted my skills with it need some practice but the product itself is great and easy to use. I started with a bright blue and attempted mermaid scales on one nail using the pen and finishing with a mermaid looking glitter topcoat. the look lasted 3 days without chipping, not the greatest but also not the worse for me, products used listed below.

nail pen – Superdrug £4.99

nail pen – boots £4.99

nail polish – boots  £3.99

the glitter topcoat was from my local body care store

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