Hey guys, for all my uk readers how are you coping with this heat? personally I’m loving all the sun and the heat is bareable if I don’t over exert myself although I have to say public transport in this heat is the worse.

anyway on with the post, ive always been a girl that has moistured and used body lotions and for years they have worked fine for me, but recently I noticed they just weren’t quite working enough and my skin, particulary my legs were still quite dry and even my beauty therapist who waxes my legs commented on this and suggested using lotion just before going to bed but after trying this, it didn’t help.I could of used a  thicker lotion but they leave me feeling greasy and I prefer something that quickly soaks in to my sink, moisturies it and doesnt leave a sticky or greasy film on my skin, enter the body butter.

now I will admit  I used to think body butters were just over priced hyped up body creams but after trying the aragan oil one from the bodyshop, I have to say I’m a convert. it is pricer than lotion but a small amount goes a long way and ive made mine last 3 months. it does excactlly what I want it to do and even smells great which is always a bonus. my beauty therapist has noticed the difference in my skin, it’s softer, smoother and easier to wax, and now that I’ve nearly used it all I will be repurchasing, seeing it now as a statement in skin care routine.



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