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IMG_4365IMG_4370IMG_4372IMG_4377IMG_4927IMG_4942IMG_4378IMG_4382IMG_4393IMG_4399IMG_4955IMG_5018IMG_5107Hey guys, I know its been a while, I really must get back into the habit of blogging and finding a schedule that works for me.anyway I thought I would write about what I love that wasn’t necessarily makeup related so naturally that means harry potter. For Christmas my mum and step dad brought deluxe tickets to harry potter studio for me and my siblings, and as I wanted to spend a lot of time there as it was my first ever visit, this meant a very early start. And when I say early I mean so early in the morning the sun had not even risen yet. after a long trip to London ( a coach, a couple of trains, the underground and a bus) we finally arrived, having the deluxe tickets meant we also got the souvenir guide and the audio guide, which I would recommend as there are some bits of information on there that you would not normally find out and when it is busy you can find out about various things when you may struggle to get near the information boards. walking into the great hall was a feeling that all potter heads should experience, learning about what when into the production was fascinating and enlightening, the hard work that when into the props and artwork was unbelievable. there are interactive parts and even photograph opportunities, as we went during Hogwarts in the snow, we got to see the castle covered in snow, seeing the castle that was made for the outside shots, took my breathe away and brought me to tears, magical doesn’t even describe it. the size, the detail. breathtakingly beautiful was not the word. We did have a bite to eat while we there and let our brother try butter beer for the first time, don’t think he was a fan. There was training in how to dual, a chance to ride the Hogwarts express, ( a small taster of Orlando) Naturally in the gift shop I made a couple of purchases, another wand, Sirius’s wand this time and a slytherin notebook with the gilded crest on the front. overall cliché as it sounds the whole day was magical, I learned a lot and enjoyed looking around and learning, even the bus to the studios was themed and showed a small video on board, so we were immersed from start to finish. ill leave you with pictures to show what I can not put into words.











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