August Favourites

Hi guys,

This is a favourites unlike anything else I have written before. Unlike previous posts where I have talked about beauty products, this is different. There are a few things I have loved this month, they will be listed randomly.

First thing is something random and may not be interesting to some but to me it was an intresting discovery which I loved. and that is the method products or in particular the rhubarb antibacterial spray.

I discovered these after watching some cleaning videos on youtube, and I was keen to try them for myself, the idea of cleaning products that didn’t smell like typical cleaners, left a pleasant smell behind and was non toxic which is a plus when you have pets, appealed to me. they have been a bit of a challenge to find for me, not every supermarket stocks the full range, I discovered my local dunelm had the better selection out of my local stockists .  anyway before I waffle on about all the products in the range I will quickly talk about the one I use everyday, the rhubarb one, I use it everyday with a microfibre cloth and use it on practically everything, it cleans well and smells fantastic. I will admit it is on the pricier scale but I feel it is worth it, it lasts longer than any of my previous cleaners.

Keeping on the cleaning theme the next product im loving is a disinfectant, I know strange but again I discovered this brand after those same youtube videos, I had seen them on the cleaning shelves but never really paid attention to them. and that is zoflora. its a concentrated disinfectant that comes in some many scents, and has so many uses which I wont go into as if you want some ideas you can look online, my favourites uses however are filling the sinks with warm water and a few drops of zoflora leaving my rooms smelling fantastic, or pouring a cap down my drains as I am sure most of you will know drains can get rather smelly. its also great diluted and put in a spray bottle so I can clean my floors with my microfibre mop. it also great for getting rid of pet smells, especially if you pet has had and accident. they do come with limited edition scents as well.

finally a makeup product, after purchasing the naked 3 pallet while on a recent flight. something I had been lusting after. I am glad I purchased it, as with all urban decay eyeshadows they are highly pigmented so they colour pay off is good. if I really want the colours to pop then I will add a base of either an eyeshadow primer or cream eyeshadow so it has something to stick to. anyway I found myself using the palette everyday, weather that be a simple wash of colour or a smokey eye or something else, I love the pinker shades compared to the other naked pallets.

back to something random, this time an app or rather two. both are for fun apps, nothing that helps you day more productive, or helps you in anyway but they are fun to play none the less and I will admit that I do play both of these more than once a day. first is Hogwarts mystery, and if you know me you know my love of harry potter and the magical world, so naturally as soon as I was able to download this, I did and I will say that yes I love it, but it is by no means perfect, it is an energy based game. the other is Disney magical kingdom, as well as a harry potter fan, I am also a big Disney fan, the idea behind this is you unlock parts of the park and fill it how you see fit, as well us unlocked and levelling up various characters.  both are enjoyable games, and my favourites this month.






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