Crowning glory

Hey everyone, Just thought I would talk about my first impressions of a new shampoo and conditioner I recently purchased. now I know most people think shampoo is shampoo, but for someone that goes to the hairdressers regularly to have their hair bleached and coloured various colours caring for my hair is important. In order to keep my hair in good condition and looking healthy … Continue reading Crowning glory

Blogmas day 5

Hi guys Today I’ve spent the day watching Christmas films and ordering some more some presents and baking ingredient’s online. I plan to start my Christmas baking in the next few days so expect posts on the results. I’ve painted my nails all festive, not the usual red and green although that might happen at a later date. I’ve gone for grey gel looking finish with … Continue reading Blogmas day 5

Fresh Face

Hi guys, I would love to have been sitting at my new desk/vanity set up surrounded by makeup but alas that is not the case. I’m writing this in bed on my laptop feeling like ick. This time of year I love the leaves falling, wearing boots and snuggly jumpers, not to mention the Smokey eye looks and berry lips but the one downside comes in … Continue reading Fresh Face